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On the other pages you can see the business storage services we regularly offer. Maybe you want to store something else... Please ask us.

I would recommend (Lok’nStore to) any business that’s similar to ours…I would recommend it. I would recommend the service we’ve got. Consumables retailing & dispensing machinery hire


We’re offering four weeks free storage for new reservations. Ask now

Lok'nStore has a reputation for being helpful and over the years we've helped thousands of businesses with their storage - some regular and some not so regular!

In all cases the key is that Lok’nStore is flexible

With over 15 years practice and at over 25 storage centres. you can imagine that we're seen it all! We have stored and have been asked to store the most amazing variety of things and 99% of the time we have been able to help. Companies and businesses have come to Lok'nStore with a problem and we have been able to accomodate what at first might seem difficult.

  • Firstly, at Lok'nStore there's absolutely no problem if you need more or less space. A week's notice is all it akes and you can have more or less space - in a different storage unit or in an extra unit. So size is never a problem.
  • Secondly, at Lok'nStore we can help with deliveries so if you're not available we receive goods and that includes free forklifting which you find in many self storage companies. So you being there isn't a problem.
  • Thirdly, if it's something that's 18ft tall, or a motorbike, a caravan or a refrigerated vehicle, or something that needs storage racking, you name it and if it doesn't fit the "norm" - we can usually sort something out.
  • And if it's extra faciltiles you need, we can adapt storage facilities or office space into something that suits your needs. Power? Phones? Office+storage? Somewhere and somehow we'll configure something to suit. That's not 100% guaranteed but we'll always start with "How can we help this business?" and move on from there...

Lok’nStore has a range of low cost services to help any business that needs more space including a small locker for secure off-site storage, pallet storage, mini-warehousing, self storage archiving, (and a sister company to help with off-site records management, documents and data storage) as well as some affordable offices to rent (with no utilities or rates to pay) at many of our storage centres.  Whether you have a small eBay business that you run from your spare room or a multi-site company that requires a national account – we can help you! In all cases at Lok'nStore...

  • No long term commitment
  • No business rates/leases or complex contracts
  • Easy access & parking
  • Free & unlimited access during open hours
  • No extra or hidden charges
  • One easy, all inclusive payment a week/28 day period

For more information on how we can help, please give Lok’nStore a call.

For a great price, call free on 0808 256 4758