Your Own Private Library


  There are plenty of reasons why you might want to rent a storage space, as we’ve found out before. Storing old books you don’t want to part with is a big reason for some people; we bet you can find books in a large percentages of storage lockers and spaces if you had a [...]

Going Up or Down?


  It sounds like something the guy in the lift in Are You Being Served would say, in the sitcom that was a big hit years ago. Now I’m showing my age. Hey ho.   Anyway, there are other reasons why you might be asked this question. If you currently have some storage space you’ll [...]

The Glory of a Tape Gun


  Yes we’re aware that’s rather a dramatic title for an essentially very undramatic item. Although, we reckon if you have ever used a tape gun you’ll know why we chose that title – and you probably agree with it too. You see here’s the thing. When you move into a self-storage unit you’re likely [...]

Why Getting Prepared to Store Things Properly is a Good Move


  So you’ve arranged your self-storage space and now you’re getting all the stuff ready to move into it. That’s the most important part done, right? Actually no – the important part is just beginning. What you decide to do now will determine how easy it is to get the job done. First of all [...]

Seasonal Storage and Its Many Benefits


Do you ever feel as though self-storage is a great idea, yet you wouldn’t use it all the time?   You’re not alone. More people are discovering the advantages of opting for seasonal storage. Once you start thinking about it and discovering why you’d use this yourself, you’ll see why this is the case.   [...]

Get Practical When You Get Decorating


Don’t you just love decorating? Or maybe you don’t – maybe you’re one of those people who realise it’s a necessary evil. You enjoy the completed look but you hate every moment of actually going through the decorating process.   It’s not made any easier by the fact you have furniture and other assorted detritus [...]

The Telltale Signs It’s Time To Move Out

moving out - Google Search.clipular

It’s hard to know when to fly the nest these days. Home comforts are just too inviting and it hardly makes sense to pay for electricity when it’s free at home, right? You may not think it’s time to fully embrace adulthood and make it on your own but we’re pretty sure that some of [...]

Are the High Streets Heading to the Storage Lockers?


We’ve heard plenty about the increase in empty High Street shops in recent months. You only have to wander down your own High Street to see the reality of the situation. It does make you wonder where these businesses go however – and why no others are replacing them. We have a thought. It’s just [...]