Why Self-Storage Is Ideal For Gap Year Students

Why Self-Storage Is A Great Idea For Gap Year Students

These days taking a gap year when you’re a student is pretty common. Many students decide to take a gap year at some time during their studies, all with different aims and wishes. Some take the time out to spend a year abroad in the hope of learning more about themselves, while others volunteer because [...]

Lucrative Self Storage Options For eBay Sellers

Using self storage to help you make money with ebay

With the job situation as it is at the moment, many people are looking for new ways to make money. Some people are looking for ways to make extra cash on the side and others are looking to make a living from selling goods online. To this end, eBay is a platform that more and [...]

Lok’nstore CEO features on BBC 2’s Business Boomers

Andrew Jacobs CEO Lok'n Store

Lok’nstore are extremely proud to have been featured on the BBC 2 programme Business Boomers on Monday evening highlighting us as a leading company in the self storage industry, which is thriving despite the effects of the economic downturn. Our CEO, Andrew Jacobs, was interviewed and shed some light on the company’s beginnings – did [...]

De-Clutter Your Room For A Good Nights Sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia?

Are you suffering from insomnia? If a good night’s sleep is something that eludes you, then you may not need to look any further than your bedroom for the solution. A cluttered bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind, and this could be exactly what is giving you nightmares without you even knowing it. If [...]

Turn Your Spare Space In To The Ultimate Man Cave


Have you got a spare room or basement? How many of you have a spare room or basement that is just filling up with junk after being neglected and unused for years? We think it’s safe to say that a few of us have an attic, a room, loft, garage or basement that is simply [...]

3 Steps to a Clean and Organised Bathroom

Clean and organise your bathroom

If you are looking to sell your home then you will probably be aware of how much hard work it can be. There’s a long list of things to think of and not a lot of money to do it with. However, not every stage in the process needs to have a hefty price tag [...]

How Self Storage Can Help Your Business This Year

Start-up businesses

The Sky is the Limit The New Year sees many changes and alternations for businesses both large and small. Following the festive season, business directors and managers will begin to strategise fresh approaches that will maximize returns over the forthcoming year. Tons of businesses across the globe already use self storage for a variety of [...]

Forbidden Items In The World Of Self Storage

Firework factory explosion

In the self storage industry we are always talking about all the things that you “can” put into a storage facility – the stuff we can help you with – but what about the things you “can’t” store – the dreaded forbidden items. 1. You will not be able to put something into storage that [...]