How Much Could You Get for Renting that Spare Room?


What are spare rooms for? Well they’re spare aren’t they, so it’s likely you use yours for storing things you don’t often use. You might have converted it into a small office, or there could be a bed in there, buried under boxes and clothes you haven’t worn since 1982. The point is that many [...]

Are You Redecorating? Where Does Everything Go?


If you’ve ever redecorated even the most basic room you’ll know how challenging it can be to find space for everything. You have to clear out the room you’re decorating in otherwise you run the risk of getting paint, dust and dirt all over your possessions. It’s fine to move things into other rooms but [...]

The Power of Books


One of the things most people would probably have inside their storage lockers would surely be books. Even in these days of e-readers of all shapes and sizes, there is something about the humble book that will never die. Sure you can keep thousands of books on an e-reader and still be able to pop [...]

Where Do You Put Years Worth of Business Records

Filing papers box

Ah yes, the age-old question (and challenge) for those of us with our own businesses. It’s great to strike out on your own and set up your own business, but with it comes many a challenge you need to be ready to face. One of those challenges is trying to work out where to put [...]

Can You Earn Money From Your Storage Space?


Now that’s an intriguing question isn’t it? Some people do just that every day, perhaps by running a small business out of it. There are people who run eBay businesses and similar ventures who end up expanding into larger spaces because they’re doing so well. This is one of the advantages of having a storage [...]

De-cluttering Could Lead to Lost Treasures


Ah the joy of de-cluttering. It’s one of those jobs few of us ever look forward to, and yet when we get started it has a strangely enjoyable feel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re clearing out the spare room, the attic or even your self-storage space, the process can actually be quite cathartic once you [...]

15 Facebook Users Who Need To Lock Up Their Computers Now

Lok 'nStore Facebook

The internet is a jolly splendid creation. Enabling us to learn, share, create and discover like never before. It also allows us to embarrass ourselves, stalk our exes and start cyber feuds at the click of a mouse, and some of us might just be better off without the internet at all. Facebook is the [...]

The 12 Stages of Moving Out for the First Time

Home Sweet Home

There’s nothing quite like leaving home for the first time. Expectations are high, optimism is abundant and you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of being able to achieve anything. This is shortly followed by fear, discomfort (mainly from all those super-noodles) and the unshakeable urge to call your mum at 3 in the morning. Whether you’re [...]