Would You Forget What You’ve Got in Storage?

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Let’s suppose you pack up eight boxes of assorted items and rent a storage unit from us here at Lok ‘nStore. Once they are safely stored away how long do you think it would be before you opened them again? You’d think it would be impossible to forget what you had in storage. Yet in [...]

Why Do We Keep Old Clothes?

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Why is it we get so attached to old clothes? Most of us will admit to having some clothes in our wardrobes, cupboards or drawers that we don’t wear anymore. How many items have you got that fit this description? We’d be too embarrassed to answer that particular question! It shouldn’t come as a massive [...]

The Final Clearance – How divorce fuels demand for the self storage industry.


Attention! It’s been no secret that over the last few decades, we have seen a high level of divorce rates in the UK and abroad. It’s amazing that despite the broad publication of divorce, we still aren’t made completely aware of what we should prepare for in the case of a relationship breakdown. The Final [...]

Labelling: The Solution to Smart and Organised Storage


Do you ever come across boxes at home and wonder what on earth is in them? It’s not too problematic if you only have a box or two like it but if you happen to own lots of them it can soon get frustrating. No one wants to search through dozens of boxes that all [...]

Would a Few Million Buy You Enough Storage Space?


The idea of buying a larger home so you have more room to store things and to live comfortably isn’t an alien one. However some of the biggest homes in the world have so much storage space the average family would probably end up rattling around in there wondering what to do with it all. [...]

The Benefits of Bubble Wrap


Don’t you just love bubble wrap? There is something about it that makes most of us want to sit down and pop every last air bubble there – no matter how large the sheet is!  Aside from that it does have a very important role to play in the world of storage. If you’re considering [...]

Temporary Storage – Why Would You Need It?


What do you think about when you think of a personal storage space? You probably think of a space filled with possessions you don’t need but you don’t want to get rid of. You’re probably thinking long-term as opposed to having the space for just a few weeks. However there are some good reasons why [...]

Did You Pick the Right Size Storage Unit?


Here at Lok’nstore we go out of our way to ensure we provide you with all the help and advice you could need when you are looking to rent a storage unit. We understand how difficult it can be to look at a pile of stuff and assess how big or small a unit you [...]