Be a Minimalist by Using Self Storage


  Don’t you love walking into homes where it feels like the owners don’t actually have any possessions to speak of at all? They’re spacious, tidy and clean and filled with smooth surfaces not cluttered up with anything. I mean, literally nothing at all. It makes you wonder where they store all their stuff doesn’t [...]

Are Properties Getting Smaller?


Recently there was an item on a well-known news website that highlighted a property being sold in London. That in itself might not sound unusual, but when you realise the house was a mere seven feet wide you’ll see why it made headlines. It was originally built on what used to be a driveway, and [...]

19 Clear Signs You and Your TV Need Some Space

Homer TV Lok 'nStore

Ah television, the ultimate procrastination tool that brings so many people together and gives us something to talk to our colleagues about on Monday morning. Britain would be truly lost without our little glowing boxes that keep us warm and dry when the weather’s rough, provide us with comfort when we’re feeling low and fill [...]

What’s a Pop Up Entrepreneur?

1389314982_6c161a0ad6_b (1)

Isn’t that a fabulous expression? All kinds of images come to mind. Maybe a life-size cardboard cut-out of someone in a business suit for example. Or how about a young, eager to please entrepreneur who wants to surprise you with the latest news about his or her business? In reality it’s neither of those things. [...]

Is Bigger Better?


  One of the first things you’ll consider when you want to rent a self-storage unit is size. How much room do you need to store what you have? That’s a reasonable question, but here’s a better one. How much room will work best? Should you rent the minimum amount of space you need or [...]

Running a Business from a Spare Room – It’s So Yesterday!


Remember when we first started hearing about people running businesses from kitchen tables and spare rooms? It still goes on, but there comes a time when the spare bedroom or boxroom (so-called because of its tiny size) just isn’t big enough anymore. This used to be a real issue. It meant scouring the neighbourhood for [...]

Archiving and Its Role in Keeping the Office Tidy


Have you heard the idea that a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind? Apparently this is true, so if you expand that to a cluttered office instead, well… you can imagine how cluttered your mind would feel. Where is everything? Where’s that piece of paperwork you had to file? What about that order that came [...]

How Much Could You Get for Renting that Spare Room?


What are spare rooms for? Well they’re spare aren’t they, so it’s likely you use yours for storing things you don’t often use. You might have converted it into a small office, or there could be a bed in there, buried under boxes and clothes you haven’t worn since 1982. The point is that many [...]