10 Awkward Moments Self Storage Can Save

10 Awkward Moments Lok 'nStore

Awkward moments are an everyday occurrence for the average Brit, and while most of us know that to be true, we still struggle to deal with it. From the classic accidental bum graze on the tube to that awkward moment when the bill comes at a forced outing with old friends, life can often feel [...]

Have You Tried Our Space Estimator Tool Yet?

clutterred room

It’s a smart decision to choose a storage facility when you need to store stuff outside your home or business for a while, whatever the reason might be for doing so. However it can be rather tricky trying to figure out exactly how much room you need, don’t you find? You’ll be glad to know [...]

Be Careful Which Boxes You Choose

cat in a box

If you’re going to store things you need boxes and crates to store them in. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And in truth it is if you buy your boxes from us, or you have strong and good quality ones you can rely on already. However some people do like to recycle anything they can, even [...]

Storage by the box – a brand new concept comes to a town near you

Local self storage provider Lok’nStore has launched a brand new storage concept called “Box’nStore”, which provides customers with an ingenious solution to the secure storage of important paperwork and other belongings without the customer needing to leave their home. Box’nStore delivers the boxes for free to your door and then picks them up when you [...]

8 Things We Can Lock Up Now That Summer’s Over


August is at an end and as the nights draw in closer, so does autumn and the start of term. Whether you’re back to work, school or university September is the time when we pack away those pointless summer buys for another year and put our sensible hats back on, yay! So with that in [...]

Do We Have to Forget Something to Really Appreciate It?

Storage Boxes

Storage spaces are practical, useful and very appropriate in many situations. For the most part we pack things up in boxes or crates and store them in the space for an indefinite length of time. Sometimes it might only be temporary owing to a move, but at other times we might rely on the additional [...]

Never Forget The Centre Aisle

Centre Storage

Ah, the centre aisle. Many a person has hired a storage space and not respected the centre aisle. If you’re frowning and wondering what all this is about, you either haven’t got a storage space yet or you haven’t taken into account the importance of this aisle. It doesn’t always come into play – not [...]

Tell-Tale Signs Your Relationship Needs Some Space

Signs you need space

Relationships are lovely, fuzzy things that lift us up when we’re down and show us light when all seems dark, but sometimes your SO can just be a bit of a pain. Regardless of how happy you are, there are always those moments when you’re in need of some personal space. Now, we’re not saying [...]