Can I store just one armchair?

Recently we were asked by a customer if she could store just a single armchair at one of our storage centres. Nothing else. No other furniture. Just an armchair.

The answer is obviously ‘yes.’

How small is too small for furniture storage?

There isn’t really a limit as to how small a piece of furniture can be when it comes to using a self-storage unit. It really is up to you and how much you value the item. For instance: is the item of furniture valuable, or is ‘its value’ sentimental? Either way, you know you want to keep the armchair, but you don’t currently have room at your property. You want to keep it safe, dry and away from infestation by vermin – this takes the garden shed out of the equation.

An obvious option is to use a self-storage facility. A small self-storage unit of possibly 20 square feet would be more than large enough for you to keep an armchair in. In fact, you would probably be able to squeeze in a few other items, like a box containing an artificial Christmas tree and a couple of small suitcases. Locked inside your storage unit, the armchair and other things would be safe until they were needed again.

Storage for small furniture items

An armchair isn’t the smallest item of furniture that has been put into one of our storage facilities. We have had many customers in the past storing pieces like nightstands, footstools and coffee tables. These types of furniture are usually stored in a small storage unit in conjunction with a few odd boxes.

In this instance, the customer genuinely only required short-term storage for one armchair. This piece of furniture was of particular personal value to her and Lok’nStore helped her to fit it into one of our smaller storage units for a few weeks.