Do you need commercial storage in the UK?
If you are already lacking storage space in your commercial premises and yet have a lot more items, products or pieces of equipment to store away, then we could be of great help to you. Here at Lok’nStore, we offer a self-storage service which provides you with the free space and security you require. We’re extremely proud to say that we offer a bespoke service, allowing commercial clients storage options for a wide range of business problems.

Safe and secure commercial storage space
Lok’nStore as a company take an extremely friendly approach to the way we work with customers. Our biggest ambition though, is to ensure that you’re not worried or concerned about the safety of your commercial storage, which is why we offer many security benefits to using any one of our self-storage locations:

  • Full CCTV 24hr coverage inside and out each facility
  • Smoke and fire detection in every one of our stores
  • Premises fully staffed by Lok’nStore employees during open hours
  • As the key-holder only ‘you’ have access to your locked commercial storage space

Bespoke commercial storage space to suit your business
Lok’nStore appreciates and understands that every business is unique and each requires a different approach when needing commercial storage space, but we believe we are the best suited company to help you and your business.

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