Are you a business looking to keep goods safe for your company?

Do you want a storage facility that has flexible space to suit all your needs?

Here at Lok’nStore, we provide our customers with suitable storage to fit a vast range of requirements.

We believe you should receive much more than just storage for your goods. When you decide to store your items with us at Lok’nStore, you will receive a selection of benefits to take advantage of. With elements such as free forklifting and no utility bills, business rates or security costs, you will have a service that is dedicated to your business storage needs.

Why not take a look at our warehouse storage option? Warehouse storage is essential for companies who are looking to store large amounts of items or possessions. By selecting our warehouse option, you can choose from a space that is anything from 50 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft. No matter how long or short the time of usage, we want you to get the most out of your storage.

To find out about our business storage options or discuss organising your storage with our team at Lok’nStore, you can email us at Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01252 521010.

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