Is your home lacking the space you need to hold extra possessions for your home?

Do you need somewhere to store all the extra things you love but can’t bear to give away? Look no further than Lok’nStore, where we can provide you with one of our self storage units that we guarantee will keep additional possessions safe and secure.

Whether you are moving home, storing Christmas decorations until the next year or simply need extra storage space, we can provide you with a locked room that will create more space in your own home.

Our passion for storage has been continuing to grow in conjunction with our business since 1995. Now, with over 25 stores across the South East of England, we can support a range of customers with storage and satisfy all of your storage needs.

By choosing one of our storage options, you will be in charge of the key, giving you the freedom to enter your storage unit whenever you need to during our opening times. So why not choose Lok’nStore today and have your very own self-storage unit to hold your possessions?

To find out more about our self storage units, you can give us a call at 01252 521010. Alternatively, you can email us at