25sq ft. The work horse of the storage industry

I know this sounds like a challenge that a group of students might take on, but it's not. A 5 x 5 by 8-foot high storage unit may not seem a big space to many folks, but the amount of stuff you can fit inside is astonishing.

We work on the basis that a 25-square-foot storage unit will accept the contents of a typical garden shed, cloakroom, 54 medium cardboard boxes or what it takes to fill an estate car. When helping a customer find a storage unit that is the correct size for their needs, there is a certain amount of variance needed in the estimate. For instance: is that estate car a cool Mini Clubman or a Skoda Superb Estate - which allegedly has a massive boot space as well as a haughty name? And what size is a typical-sized shed, and as for a cloakroom – you mean the toilet; right?

What fits into a 25-square-foot storage unit?

It’s a massive 200 cubic feet of private, secure space for you to store your stuff in, so let's try to make the most of it.

  • Front room furniture: A three-seater sofa if turned on its end for short-term storage – for more than three months it would be safer if stored in a larger unit on its feet. Add to various types of armchairs, maybe a modern flat-screen TV, a rolled rug, the hideous ornament your parents gave you, and a disassembled TV bench. If placed into the 25-square-foot unit by a Tetris fan, you might also be able to add five medium cardboard boxes (457x457x356mm) to this space.
  • Bedroom furniture: An assembled single bed and mattress, although a double would fit if taken apart and the mattress might go in if given a squeeze! Bedside cabinets stacked on each other, a rolled rug, a wardrobe box and maybe three small to medium cardboard boxes filled with your partner's ridiculous shoe collection.
  • Kitchen furniture: A washing machine, fridge freezer (not American style), microwave, disassembled four seater kitchen table and chairs, contents of the kitchen junk drawer, plates and utensils in bubblewrap and boxes – up to five medium-sized cardboard boxes.

This size of a smaller storage unit would accept the contents of a one-bedroom flat if the occupier was living a minimalist lifestyle, but probably not a hoarder with a super king bed and a 500-piece collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. And you don't have to be moving house to make the best use of a 25-square-foot storage unit. They are perfect for storing golf equipment, expensive carp fishing tackle, bikes, home gym equipment that you never use, an odd device for keeping a half-built puzzle safe or even keeping your collection of oversized high-heels secret from your wife.

A small storage unit will hold an enormous amount of furniture and belongings if stored carefully and with optimum usage of space. Making use of every available inch of space is essential when using a small self-storage unit, and it pays to take your time when packing it to make sure that your goods are in tightly. Don’t rush with the packing – be a Tetris expert.

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