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Most reputable self storage companies offer a wide range of various sized storage spaces for rent, but which one will you need?

Modern self storage companies offer a wide range of storage spaces in the form of rooms or what is more commonly referred to as a ‘storage unit.’ Storage units can be as small as a locker – the type that you might have had a school. This type of small locker can be for storing a few personal items that you want to keep safe, secure and private.

At the other end of the range is a massive 1,000sqft storage unit. These types of spaces are big enough for storing loaded pallets, racking for boxes or maybe seasonal overflow stock.

How do you work out which space you need?

Most people needing ‘personal’ self storage because they are moving house or property, will need on average a 75sqft storage unit. This size unit will hold the approximate contents of a 1 bedroom house. For business users the ‘average’ size space rented from a self-storage company is 100sqft. This size would hold about 216 small boxes or around the contents of four standard SWB Transit vans.

These are just two or three of the various sizes available, but the best way to find out which you will be need is to speak to an expert at a storage facility. Lok’nStore takes great care to train its staff in helping customers to find the perfect storage unit for their needs. Obviously there is the occasional customer that lives in a two bedroom house, but has crammed the contents of a mansion into the loft or attic, but most times Lok’nStore will be able to work out the most cost effective unit size for you.

For a general overview of what fits into various storage units, why not try this ‘Space Estimator’ out.

A 75sqft storage unit.


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