Brightly coloured self storage facilities are springing up all over the UK and leading the charge is Lok’nStore!

You can’t help but notice the amount of self storage buildings that have been springing up all over the UK in the last 20 years. At first, many of these buildings were sat at the back of a 1960s industrial estate in a converted warehouse, but times have changed. More often than not, in 2018, a brightly coloured self storage facility will be positioned at the very front of a retail park, neighbour to well-known high-street brands such as Next, MacDonald’s, Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s.

In the last five years, self storage has gone mainstream and has become something people do not consider part of modern life. We have more personal belongings now than at any other time in our society's history, and we need somewhere safe to keep them!

With houses, flats and property sizes reducing to enable developers to make more profit, people are finding that storage space has now become a luxury. As lofts, attics and garages become more and more crowded, homeowners and renters have been forced to look elsewhere for secure storage.

Self storage companies have stepped in to help these householders who are struggling for space in modern life. Most towns and nearly every city in the UK now has at least one major player in the self storage industry and probably a number of smaller companies offering storage and removals.

Lok’nStore currently has over 40 storage facilities (May 2024) open at prominent locations across the southeast. 11 of these stores were purpose-built for Lok’nStore and are now considered local landmarks in their bright orange cladding.


Lok'nStore Self Storage in Hemel Hempstead.