The Big Friendly Orange Storage Company coming soon to Dover

Lok’nStore are opening a brand new purpose built self storage facility in Dover, early 2019. This modern storage facility will have brightly lit corridors, trolleys for goods and belongings, a free forklift service for business users and be ultra-secure and safe. Each Lok’nStore customer has their own key to their own storage unit. Each space is private and nobody can see inside.

Lok’nStore Dover will also be serving customers from the postcodes CT 14 - CT 18, Aycliffe, Buckland, Maxton, River, Temple Ewell and Whitfield.

Householders, renters and business owners will be able to take advantage of this facility. Storage units will be available in a wide range of sizes, from small lockers up to gigantic 800-square-foot locked storage spaces. Users might just store a couple of suitcases and a fake Christmas tree, or the contents of a 3-bedroom house or even 75 pallets of goods. To see the full range of spaces and what you might be able to store at Dover, please visit our space estimator.

Householders and renters in Dover will use Lok’nStore for a variety of reasons including decluttering the home before a house sale, storing furniture while in-between moves, clearing out the garage or loft or even storing belongings that they might want to keep, but don’t need at the moment. Business users might need extra space for overflow stock, seasonal goods or pallet storage space. We also take deliveries free of charge to businesses and many take advantage of this and our free forklift service – this comes in handy for pallet storage customers.

Lok’nStore will open at Whitecliffs Business Park early 2019, but will be taking reservations from November this year – in fact, we have already had enquiries about our self storage services!