Where can you go if you need self storage in Eastbourne?

Lok’nStore has been operating a self-storage facility in Eastbourne since 2003. Situated on the A2290, Lottbridge Drove this store provides storage to business users, renters and householders from all across the area including Langney, Roselands, Old Town, Ratton, Willingdon, Wannock, Polegate, Friday Street, Stone Cross, Westham, and anywhere in the BN20 to BN23 postcodes.

Lok’nStore Eastbourne has a huge variety of storage units available to rent although availability can vary depending on the time of year. Householders and renters use this site for storing items for many reasons including:

  • Decluttering the home before putting the property on the market. We all know that a property looks bigger and more attractive when it has less clutter so many folks use us temporarily to declutter while selling.
  • In-between moves when the next property isn’t yet ready. Many people find it useful to use our storage when their next property isn’t yet ready. We can provide a low cost, secure storage space to temporarily store furniture and household belongings until your next property is ready.
  • Storing furniture that you don’t need right now, but don’t want to get rid of. Many people have furniture that they may have been given or even inherited from relatives that doesn’t suit their current property, but that they don’t want to sell or give away yet. One of our storage spaces can provide a temporary area to store these furnishings while you decide what to do.
  • Building or decoration work on the home. Many people use Lok’nStore Eastbourne for storing furniture while they are having building or redecorating works completed on their property.
  • Storing a collection with us means you have the security and space to view and enjoy you collection of plastic Sea beasts at any time during our open hours.

We also have a number of business users at our Eastbourne store using us for:

  • Pallet storage. Customers also make use of our free forklifting service for unloading and loading pallets.
  • Storage of stock, especially overflow or seasonal stock. Many business users move up and down in storage unit size depending on the time of year and their stock levels.
  • Archive and paperwork storage of records and documents that your business is required to keep for a number of years, that you might not want taking up space in the office.
  • Office Space to rent and let. Lok’nStore Eastbourne also has (depending on availability) a number of offices to rent and let above the storage facility. For more information on our offices please call the store direct on: 01323 479222
Store your collection of dinosaurs or sea beasts at Lok'nStore Eastbourne.