Free loading and unloading for customers.

Marie Kondo might be all the rage at the moment, but I’ve never heard her mention how she would deal with the delivery of a few hundred pallets at a quarter to five on a Friday afternoon! Unloading a succession of lorries carrying up to twenty-four pallets each could be called joyous by some, but most forklift drivers would argue otherwise. Grumpy lorry drivers, poorly loaded pallets that have moved during their long journey, clingy pallets sandwiched together, and inclement weather conditions all have to be dealt with by the courageous forklift driver during an unloading session. Why would any business owner want to deal with this themselves?

Free delivery acceptance and loading/unloading

One of the significant benefits of self-storage for pallets over the traditional warehouse space is that we can load and unload pallets for your business. At Lok’nStore, our staff are trained to drive each store's onsite forklift truck, and they will unload/load customer pallets from most lorries and vans and store them away for you into your storage unit without you even having to be onsite. We can securely store your palletised goods until you return.

Pay by the pallet or for the space you need - It's up to you.

Many businesses that are active users of warehouses find themselves tied into long-term contracts. Sometimes a big warehouse space isn't needed all the time and companies can find themselves paying for space they might not need at the time. When using self-storage for pallets, there is no need to sign long-term contracts as you might do with warehousing. Most good self-storage providers will only need you to pay for seven days and are very flexible on the size of the storage unit. This month you need storage space for one hundred pallets, but next month your business will only need the space for fifty pallets. With a long-term warehouse, you might have a long-term commitment or lease agreement, but with self-storage, you can reduce the size – reducing your business overheads. Store as many pallets as you need - You can store just one single pallet or thousands of pallets, whichever you need. Payment is weekly - So you only need to pay for space your business needs that week, keeping your costs down to a minimum.

No overheads

A business renting a warehouse will have a range of associated overhead costs. Utilities, security and business rates. When using self-storage mini-warehousing, there are no utility costs or business rates which can be a massive saving for any business. No business rates. No utility costs. No overheads. There are no hidden extras with self-storage - Just your storage fee and any insurance you need.

The winner is: self-storage

It's evident that self-storage is the winner over traditional style warehousing for pallets. The flexibility and overall substantial cost savings make it easily the best choice for your business.