When this long-established cleaning company needed professional space and helpful service, they found both at their local Lok'nStore centre.

  • Efficient service
  • Office and storage space combined
  • More space as they expanded

After ten years of growth, the business had to change how things worked; its materials were all over the space that had housed them. When they first enquired at Lok'nStore back in 2007, they were impressed by how on-the-ball our team was. They said they were “looking for somewhere we could get help to run our business”, and they needed office space and unit storage space together in one place. They found this all at Lok’nStore and haven’t looked back.

Today, they’re still impressed with a service that includes receiving their deliveries and putting goods into their storage unit. They say the service “from the team is brilliant. We’re really pleased.” When asked if they would recommend Lok’nStore, the company said: “We would indeed.”

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