This company had been trading for 12 years when their rented warehouse gave them 14 days’ notice to vacate. Lok'nStore offered the perfect solution for storing their stock of consumables and machinery.

  • Self-storage at short notice
  • Office space available on-site
  • More space as they expanded

They moved into a Lok'nStore unit on short notice, with the minimum fuss and paperwork, as a temporary solution. This was back in 2006, and they’re still storing with Lok’nStore in 2012 because they’ve made significant savings in premises and staff costs, even managing to save themselves the cost of a warehouseman. It’s turned into the perfect long-term solution. Lok’nStore in Milton Keynes also has offices available for rental every week, so the company took some of this space and used some of it as a showroom. They say this was “one of the best things we did”. As their business grew, they took more space to help with their expansion – using Lok’nStore’s flexible system. The business especially appreciated that they could take deliveries in the loading bay, sort them out and store everything in the storage units.

They’ve praised the help they get from the Lok’nStore team. It “certainly meets the needs of the business”, they said. And “the guys that work here are very, very accommodating … very, very helpful”.