Project management for the retail trade

Lok'nStore’s flexible, hassle-free office space has allowed this company to focus on doing what it does best: managing property projects for some of the largest names in retail.

  • Flexible short lease
  • A clean easily accessible space
  • Responsive staff

When this project management company took office space in our Poole centre they had very clear needs: flexibility and something that wasn’t too contractually complicated. Things are complicated enough and they wanted premises which were flexible, clean, and easy (“in and out” as they describe it). They say of their Lok’nStore space that it’s “always clean…always tidy” and importantly that “one of the great things about Lok’nStore is the speed with which they resolve any issue that comes up”. They’re happy to say that they’ve “never ever, ever had any problems”.

This company wanted to concentrate on the business of doing business and renting office space with Lok’nStore has allowed them time and space to grow. When we asked if they’d recommend Lok'nStore, the company said: “Not would we…we do!”

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