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The ideal way for the two founders of this business to cope with rapid expansion was to take advantage of the facilities at their local Lok'nStore centre in Tonbridge.

  • More space as they expanded
  • Flexible spaces tailored to their needs
  • Helpful staff

Importing, selling and distributing food and drink from home had become too much; the growing business demanded more storage space and some helpful people to lend a hand. So they moved into Lok’nStore, choosing us because of our flexible approach, our range of facilities and our good reputation. The business chose open storage space instead of a steel unit. This allowed them to take in pallets and store them at the back, using the front of the storage to rack the goods for stock-picking. As the business continued to grow, they took another bay. This setup is ideal for their business they say, because of the help that they get from the Lok’nStore staff. When a container arrives, our staff let them know its come in before fork-lifting the pallets from the container to the storage space. They’ll also accept deliveries and add the items to the storage area, as well as holding dispatches for couriers to collect. This helps the business run itself without the need for its team to be there all the time.

After moving to Lok'nStore, capacity and sales quadrupled in their second year of business. We asked if they’d recommend Lok’nStore? “Yes we would!” they said.

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