Copy Care Service (UK) Ltd has been providing photocopier and printer services across the UK since 1995, which is also the year Lok’nStore opened its first store. Copy Care Services started with a 35-square-foot unit at the Lok'nStore facility in Farnborough but is now using a 150-square-foot unit as the business has expanded.

We spoke to Shaun Terry, who has been using Lok'nStore since 2008.

Why did Copy Care Services start using self storage?

Mr Terry found that as his business expanded and grew, the garage at his home that he had been using for storing photocopiers was no longer big enough. He needed dedicated storage space for the stock of copiers that was clean, dry and, most importantly, secure. Security is a significant aspect of self storage for Copy Care Services. Each photocopier machine can cost £1000. Times that by ten, and you can understand that a home garage isn't secure enough.

What are the benefits of using Lok’nStore?

Mr Terry says, "Security is a big factor for Copy Care Services, but delivery acceptance is a massive advantage. Knowing that a member of Lok'nStore staff at the Farnborough store will accept, sign for, and put away a delivery securely for me when I'm out in the field is a huge bonus and weight off my mind. They are a friendly, helpful and caring bunch."

Proving that we don’t just say these things, the flexibility of units has also been an advantage for Copy Care Services. They originally had a 35-square-foot unit but have gradually increased to 150 square feet as the business has improved. Moving up or down in unit size is a tactic used by many of Lok’nStore business customers. Why pay for storage space you don’t need?

Do you need a photocopier for your business or does your existing copier need servicing or repairing? Contact Copy Care Services to take advantage of over 25 years of experience in photocopier sales, services, spares and repairs.

Shaun Terry, Copy Care (UK)