Lok’n Store delivers growth and cuts debt by a third (April 2017)
Andrew Jacobs, CEO of Lok'nStore, talks to Jeremy Naylor, IG UK, about the company’s robust results and its plan to deliver more of the same (Oct 2016).
Andrew Jacobs, chief executive of Lok’n Store Group Plc says self-storage is “a very attractive business” at the moment. Speaking to Proactive, he says that the company is “moving ahead at a very reasonable growth rate”, and that he is “very positive” about the company’s trading. (Mar 2016)
Andrew Jacobs, the chief executive of Lok’n Store, talks to Proactive Investors about his plans for the business and new sites in the south of England. (February 2015)
Jonas Crosland from Investors Chronice Interviews Lok'nStore Chief Executive Andrew Jacobs at the new Reading centre (Published January 2015).