Derrick and Emma came to Lok’nStore when their 5 bedroom house felt too big following their children setting up homes of their own.

It happens to all families: the kids grow up, start their own families and move out (finally!). When Derrick and Emma first realised their home was too big for them after their children moved out it was a friend who came to the rescue with the idea of storage at Lok’nStore.

Derrick and Emma had been thinking about a smaller home for some time but the pressure of choosing between family heirlooms and precious memories meant that their furniture and possessions filling 5 bedrooms was holding them back.

Our friendly team at their local Lok’nStore offered a cup of tea when they arrived and 30 minutes later the couple were still happily chatting about a lifetime of experience and memories they now wanted to store. With a 100 square foot room (a single garage size) they had space to take the strain when they moved into their new 2 bedroom ground floor apartment.
When it came to moving the items, Lok’nStore recommended a local removal company that did the house move and moved their storage items straight into their new space.

Derrick and Emma relived many of their memories sorting through their storage, and after a short time, Lok’nStore’s flexible contract allowed the couple to downsize their storage to half the size they started with.

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