When Chloe had to move out of her university accommodation during the summer holidays her and her friend Matt came to Lok’nStore to allow her parents to enjoy the summer too!

Chloe and Matt were the typical students, lots of clothes, lots of boxes and minimal furniture (where does it all go into one room?!). When they first visited their local Lok’nStore they weren't sure how much space they would need and how they would get it all to the centre. A friendly member of our team helped and reassured them about the size they would need and also provided the number for a local man and van who worked by the hour to help them move their possessions.

With a 20 square foot locker (like a large under stairs cupboard) each they maximised the value and minimised the cost. They reserved the space as lots of students from their university were having the same idea and they wanted too be reassured they had their space ready when they needed it. Guess what? Their parents were pleased to, both Chloe and Mat told us they returned home with a bag of dirty washing (as standard) but their parents didn't have to fill the car, rent a van or lift and shift all those boxes up and down stairs.

With only 7 days notice needed at any time when Chloe forgot(!) about the start date for the new term she didn't pay a penny extra for storage.

We always have special offers for students from student discount too free boxes, take a look at our Student page for more offers today.

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