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Just £1 per box, per month!

If you need to store 1 or more boxes then Box’nStore is the answer. Box’nStore is storage by the box and we have made it as simple and as affordable as possible. Box’nStore is an online service where you manage everything online at At just £1 per month per box we are confident that Box’nStore will suit every budget for storage.

Whether you are tripping over that odd box or you haven’t got the space for that record collection, you might want to free up that desk in the corner or just have you got keep-sakes or important documents you need to keep safe – with Box’nStore you can store them all. With a state of the art warehouse we provide the security you need to be sure you can get your items back exactly as you gave them to us.

How does storage by the box work?

• You order your free box(es) online at and pay £1 per box for your first month

• We deliver the boxes free of charge

• You fill the boxes and arrange collection

• We collect the boxes free of charge and store them in our own large purpose-built box storage warehouse

• Whenever you want a box back just let us know, pay your £10 retrieval fee, and we will deliver the box back to you within 24-48 hours

£1 per box, per month

You pay £1 every month in advance with no lengthy tie-ins; if you want to stop your storage just arrange to have your box delivered back to you and confirm it will not be coming back to us.

Our vans are satellite tracked so we know where your box is from the moment you give it us and the barcode on your box lets us know where it is in our warehouse 24 hours a day!

It is a BIG box too! At 40cm x 40cm x 40cm (16inches x 16 inches x 16 Inches) it’s double walled and strong. Customers ask us what they can fit in one box and it is quite surprising really, your box could hold:

• Approximately 50 paperback Books

• 25 Pairs of Shoes

• You and a friends Ski clothing

• About 53,000 £1 coins (but you will only need £1 to store your box for a month!)

Box’nStore is great value and offers the best value storage we could possibly offer. At just £1 per month per box it has never been more affordable so don’t delay and book online at today.

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