As a company increases in size, so does its signage!

When Lok’nStore opened its first self storage facility in Horsham, the size of the signage was a fraction of what we install on a new building now. Obviously the cost of this original signage was also at a fraction of the cost that it is now!

We have been witnessing some changes to our site in Farnborough this week due to essential decorative maintenance work on the outside of the building and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to make some changes to the existing signage. This required some extremely large plant to get the old signage removed from the building and some elbow grease to undo the seized-up bolts holding it onto the steel cladding.

Our Hawley Lane storage centre in Farnborough was the first Lok’nStore purpose built facility and is also the group head office – our flagship store!

After this store was opened, we noticed a general trend of other storage facilities becoming more modern in terms of look and very similar in design to our Farnborough store (in different colours). Did Lok’nStore start a UK trend in the storage industry? The move over to bright orange, hi-profile buildings began with this one for Lok’nStore at least. It made the building a local landmark (especially when Camberley Auto Factors on the Hawley Lane closed) with many people also using it when travelling via the M3.

The signage in the photograph below had been on the building since it opened in 2006 and was in desperate need of replacement. Any illuminated signage at Lok’nStore storage centres now uses low-power LEDs, which reduces running costs and is also better for the environment than hi-voltage neon! Although it will be looking a little naked over the next few weeks, the flagship building will be having a facelift to hopefully take it onward through another 12 years.

Signage facelift at Farnborough self storage facility.