Use our space estimator to find the space that's just right for your things - whether you're decluttering and clearing your spare room, or moving your whole house.

At Lok’nStore one of the questions we get asked all the time is: “How much space do I need?” There are three ways to work out what size of unit is best for you.

  • Ask our people to help. They've been doing this for a long time and will help you choose the right size of unit. Just show them a list of what you want to store and our friendly expert staff will advise you on which sized unit you need.
  • Look at our space estimator above. It’s the best guide to storage space that you’ll find. Because it's to scale, you can get the precise measurements and work out exactly how many boxes, van loads or roomfuls you can fit in.
  • Reviewing the space you need. Don’t worry, when you’ve packed the van or when you know how many boxes you have, we can get a more accurate idea of how much space you need. If it looks like you might have the wrong size booked, we can change it for a bigger unit or a smaller one – no problem.
About the space estimator

When this website was built one of the things on our wish list was an ‘interactive space estimator.’ We wanted something that didn’t just look good or flashy, but an estimator that genuinely helps our potential customers to gauge how much space they need. After much brainstorming our web developers ‘Pepper Digital’ and digital marketing expert Kevin Carter, came up with the current fantastic version. They built us two versions: one for householders needing personal or furniture storage, and one for businesses and companies who may require archive, document or pallet storage.

After looking around the internet we are convinced that we have now got the market leading space estimator in the storage industry. It’s fast to use, simple and gives customers a real idea of what storage space they will need at their local Lok’nStore. It’s impossible to exactly include all the random goods or possessions that a householder might have in their property, but we think our space estimator will come close (although we have long thought that the best thing for working this out are the expert and knowledgeable staff at our storage centres!).