Why Choose Student Storage with Lok'nStore?

Students can take advantage of Lok'nStore's discounted rates for student storage. Never again will you have to load up the car for one of those painful journeys back home with all your clothes and personal items or a school storage trunk. Use Lok'nStore's student storage for as long as you need, whether for a few weeks over the short holidays or a more extended period over the summer holidays.

Features of renting with Lok'nStore Self Storage

  • Rent a unit on your own, or share it with some friends
  • Get the lowest cost storage near your college or university – guaranteed
  • No long-term commitment - store for a week or a year, it's up to you
  • Relax knowing your stuff is secure - only you have the key to your storage unit
  • Drive-in loading bays and free trolleys
  • Get a free padlock

Student life is much easier when you don't have to take your items from university to home and back again every summer! Call us or book online today.