Here at Lok’nStore we simply love giving you value for money. The good news is - that just by using Lok’nStore for your storage needs you’re immediately saving money. We always guarantee to give you the lowest priced comparative storage in your local area.

But are there ways to actually ‘make’ money by using self storage? Please have a look at the links below to see if there’s something to suit your pocket.

Use your storage to make money

Are you keeping a room full of things you don't use but can't bear to throw out? Why not put them into storage and make money from the space? If you get a lodger you can earn up to £4,250 each year tax free*.

You could clear out the spare room, the kids' old room - or even a downstairs room you don't use - and rent it out to a lodger. You can advertise in a local shop window, the local paper or online. And you can charge £60 to £100 per week depending on the facilities you offer.

Storing your stuff safely in one of our units costs from just £10 per week, so you'll clear a tidy profit to put towards something really special. Contact your local store now to talk one of our storage experts

Lok’nStore saves small businesses £1,000’s each year!  Find out some of the ways here