Always compare the storage

Lok'nStore has been trading in the self storage industry since 1995 and during that period we have always compared our storage prices to our competitors so that we can make sure we are consistently offering the lowest cost to our customers and clients. We check local competitor prices regularly and adjust ours to be lower so that the customer always gets the lowest price with Lok’nStore.

Compare the storage access

Sometimes a potential customer will approach a Lok'nStore centre with a price from a storage company in the local area with a very low and ultra-competitive quote. These quotes are mostly for containerised storage which you must not compare to the type of storage provided at a Lok'nStore facility. To compare container storage with a modern self storage facility is like comparing chalk to cheese. A modern storage facility will allow you access to your goods during their opening hours, without you having to arrange anything before. For instance at a Lok’nStore centre you can turn up at any time during our opening hours to gain access to your belongings. If however, you are using container storage – which perhaps you found cheaper initially – you might need to arrange access with your storage company in advance of your visit. This can be especially true if your goods and belongings have been sealed into wooden containers.

Compare the storage location

Another thing that you must compare when looking at storage companies is the location. Many claim to be local, but are in fact many miles out of town – on farmland for instance. You may find when you compare storage companies that this distance factor should be taken into account before making your final decision. We have found since 1995 that most of our customers want their storage company to be local to them. On the whole within a 10 mile radius. Something in the human psyche makes us want to be near to our belongings even when they are stored away safe in a storage centre. Finding out that the storage company you are going to use isn’t actually near the location it states on its website can be a disappointment and even distressing.

Compare the storage security

All Lok’nStore storage facilities are covered by full CCTV, smoke detectors and security response. Our stores are all in populated areas with plenty of passing traffic. We have food-lit car parks, security fences and local security companies making random patrols. Once our staff have locked up and left the storage centre; nobody can gain access to the building. Our storage is safe storage. Make sure when you compare storage companies that you visit the facility to see for yourself how safe it is. Is there adequate lighting? Are the staff visible and actively walking around the premises?

Compare the storage

Remember that before you reserve your storage you must compare the following when considering your options…

  1. Access
  2. Location
  3. Security
  • Compare The Storage