Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

 Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

Directions and opening hours

Directions and opening hours

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251, A33 Relief Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0RR

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Directions by road
  • Use the A33 Reading Relief Road from either direction
  • From the M4, junction 11: Drive past the Madejski Stadium towards the town centre on the A33
  • From the centre of Reading via the A33, go past us on your right and follow towards the next roundabout, where you can return via the A33
Opening hours
  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm (Open till 8pm Thursday)
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


About Lok’nStore Reading

Lok'nStore Reading is a 5-minute drive from the Madejski Stadium. It provides homeowners, renters, students, and business users with self storage units in various sizes, from small lockers to bulk storage units. Only you have the key to your unit. Call or visit us on the A33, or get a price online now.

Features of Lok'nStore Reading

  • Open seven days a week
  • Fully staffed by store team during open hours
  • 24-hour CCTV and smoke detection systems
  • Free forklift service
  • Free delivery acceptance
  • Free car parking for customers
  • No security deposit is needed if paying by direct debit
  • Hertz van hire available
  • Cardboard moving boxes and bubble wrap for sale

Some of the reasons why people use self storage

  • Renters or homeowners between moves
  • Decluttering a property before a house sale
  • Making more space in the home
  • Clearing out a room or area before building or redecoration works
  • Emptying a cluttered garage or loft
  • Business users in need of space for stock or pallet storage
  • Students in need of storage over the holidays

Lok'nStore also has storage centres in Maidenhead, Basingstoke, and Farnborough.

Reading Self Storage

Lok'nStore has been providing self storage services to consumers in Reading, Berkshire since 1997 when as a reasonably new venture we opened what was only our third storage facility. Initially situated in a one-hundred-year-old building; Lok'nStore opened the first storage centre in Reading where a customer would be able to access their goods and belongings quickly and efficiently. Rather than requesting a wooden crate to be available on their visit. Back then, removal companies would generally provide storage for customers, but this would be not very easy to access as it would often be sealed up in a wooden shipping crate. Mostly there was nothing wrong with this type of storage but customers would have to arrange in advance to visit and recover their goods. Lok'nStore brought a new style of storage service into the Reading area that introduced the type of store where a customer could turn up any time during opening hours and gain access to their goods without having to arrange so earlier: Self storage!

The first Lok’nStore Reading store was previously an old jam factory on Berkeley Avenue, which served the company and its customers very well for many years and must have witnessed many changes in its lifetime. Sandwiched between the A33 and the River Kennet, it was the type of old-fashioned brick industrial building that you might have said even had ‘character.’ The upper floor windows at the end of the building near Berkeley Avenue had incredibly ornate panes of glass; unlike anything you might witness on a modern industrial estate. The original Berkeley Avenue store even had a resident ghost that was reported by several team members and customers over the years of Lok’nStores occupation of the site. The rumour was that a female worker at the jam factory had slipped into a large, copper vat of raspberry conserve and had come to a sticky end. The hapless employee had been wandering the Reading store ever since. Her ghostly apparition was reportedly nearly always accompanied by a sweet-smelling waft of sugar. Some people say that she didn’t fall, but was pushed in by a jealous rival who was in love with the same man. The original entrance to the old factory could still be spotted on the A33 if a person looked carefully enough – a visible bricked-up doorway gave away the building's previous entrance and reception area. This front entrance and reception area would have been used when the A33 outside was much less busy than it is now and you can imagine that some of the deliveries would have been by horse and cart! It would be romantic to assume that jam was also transported via the River Kennet and the connected canal system. The canal system, however, had fallen into disuse long before the jam factory arrived as the local Reading industries and businesses switched over to using the vastly faster Great Western Railway.

In 2014 a site that Lok'nStore also owned just across the other side of the A33 was developed into a purpose-built self storage facility. This ultra-modern building was a completely different design from the first Lok'nStore in Reading. The new store was designed to allow drivers on the A33 and Berkeley Avenue to be able to see the inside of the building. A floor-to-ceiling glass wall enables passers-by to get an understanding of what a storage centre looks like on the inside. This feature has now been copied repeatedly throughout the UK self storage industry. The process of moving hundreds of existing customers from the old site to the new building was a tremendous challenge with plenty of potential pitfalls. The Lok'nStore operations department managed to complete the task without mishap within a few weeks, moving customers' goods carefully from the old store to the new one. Moving customer goods is a task that Lok’nStore’s operations department has completed several times to date as the company has opened new, modern stores in various existing locations.

The opening of the new storage centre introduced several benefits to customers and staff:

  • The introduction of customer lifts - the old jam site had ‘goods only’ lifts which were a throwback to its industrial past. The new Lok'nStore in Reading has four floors, so it was inconceivable in such a new building that a customer should have to walk up the stairs!
  • More storage units in many different sizes – the old jam building had around 15 different sizes of storage units. In contrast, the new store has over 30 options for customers enabling them to get a much better space for their needs.
  • Modern kitchen – as much as we loved the old building, the layout and location of the kitchen weren't the greatest. The new Reading store has a beautiful big, bright kitchen for customers and staff to use. Who doesn't want a cup of tea when they are moving house?
  • Comfortable reception area – previously the reception area couldn’t in your wildest dreams have been described as comfortable and spacious. Now we have lovely comfortable seating in an ultra-modern, air-conditioned reception area.
  • Wider corridors – anyone who has ever used a trolley in a self-storage facility will know how tricky it can be to navigate the corridors with a full load of belongings and furniture. The corridor width at the Reading store is larger than previously used and is wider than most in the industry.
  • Improved offices – several office tenants, moved across the A33 with us to take up residence in the new onsite offices. Superior to the previous offices in a number of ways, office space is still an excellent service at Lok'nStore Reading.

Lok'nStore Reading Self Storage FAQs

Q: How much does self storage cost at Lok’nStore Reading?

A: The cost of a self storage unit at any of our sites is based primarily on the size the storage unit needed, and secondly the length of the stay. This is why when enquiring, we ask customers about the goods and belongings that they want to place into storage. A list enables our storage experts at Reading to work out as closely as possible which size of self storage unit you need. You can also use our self storage space estimator to give you an idea of what you can place into any given size of a storage unit.

Q: How much self storage space do I need?

A: This depends on what you have to store. We have over 30 different-sized storage units for everything from a couple of suitcases up to a five-bedroom house. Our storage experts will be able to help you find the correct size for your needs.

Q: What can I store at Lok’nStore Reading?

A: Practically anything you want! Our customers store a hugely varied range of items from furniture, collections, hats, clothes, and rubber ducks!

Q: Do I have to live in Milton Keynes to use your self storage?

A: No, you don't need to live in Reading to use Lok'nStore. Although most of our customers are from around the local area, we have people storing stuff with us who are currently living on the other side of the world.

Although it was sad to leave one of our original buildings, the new store is undoubtedly a vast improvement for the current and future Lok’nStore Reading customers and staff. I imagine at some stage we will have to stop calling it the ’new Reading building,’ but for the moment it is one of our many landmark stores, lighting up the gateway into Reading from the south.

Lok’nStore serves customers from across the RG postcode including Calcot, Caversham, Coley Park, Earley, Sandford, Shinfield, Southcote, Tilehurst, University of Reading area, Whitley, and Woodley.