Big Friendly Self Storage in Wellingborough

Lok'nStore Wellingborough is able to offer local householders, renters and business users secure steel self storage units and rooms in a range of sizes from small lockers, up to larger spaces suitable for pallet storage. Only you have the key to your self storage unit.

People use Lok'nStore for many reasons including:

  • To declutter a property prior to a house sale or just simply to create more space in the home.
  • To clear a room / area before the commencement of renovation, building or redecoration works.
  • Emptying a cluttered garage or loft
  • Renters or homeowners inbetween moves
  • Businesses in need of space for seasonal stock or pallet storage

Lok'nStore has self storage centres in many other locations, the closest being in Northampton.


Leave the A45 at Junction 14 and follow the A509 to Tesco.

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