The Big Friendly Guide to Using Self Storage by Lok’nStore

Discover our top tips to help you move your belongings smoothly into your Lok’nStore self storage centre.

Planning ahead

  • Visit a Lok’nStore centre and speak to a member of our staff. They will be able to advise and guide you on which size of storage unit you need. You can visit and book a unit on the day, but it’s advisable to do so in advance for the greatest choice of sizes
  • You can’t get to a Lok’nStore. No problem. Use our online Space Estimator to help work out which size of storage unit you require. You can easily book online using this process, or give us a call to discuss further if you need more advice
  • Will you need packing materials, boxes and bubblewrap? Click & Collect online with Lok’nStore and save 10%
  • Plan how you’ll move your stuff. Do you need to hire a van? Are you going to use a removal company? Your local Lok’nStore centre can help you find a van rental or removal firm

At your storage unit

  • Line the walls of your unit with the big items of furniture first
  • Remember to use all available space – open the doors on wardrobes and stack boxes inside. Fill all the drawers in chests of drawers
  • A fabric sofa can be stored safely on its side to save space
  • A leather sofa should be stored upright – storing it on its side will make it sag
  • Store appliances like fridges or washing machines with the doors wedged open
  • In a large unit, leave a centre aisle so you can move goods quickly within your storage unit
  • Guide to storage
KISS (Keep It Simple Storage)

With Lok’nStore, you get a whole lot more than just flexible, low cost and accessible personal or business storage. Here on this page, you'll find all sorts of help to get you moved in at your local Lok’nStore facility - where you will always get a friendly welcome, plus expert advice to help you make the most of the space in your storage unit. Follow the links below for frequently asked questions; our storage guide, videos, money-saving ideas, insurance information and transport options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, do please give us a call. If you have any more questions, just ask — we're always happy to help. Planning ahead Start by choosing a suitable site and size for your storage unit. Need some more advice? Call our friendly storage experts at your local centre. Book your storage unit for a deposit of just £25. This ensures the unit you need is available on the day you move in. Don’t worry, your £25 is fully refundable if your needs change. Plan how you’ll move your stuff. Do you need to hire a van? Are you going to use a removal company? For long-distance trips, choose a big enough vehicle to move everything in one trip. For short journeys, plan several trips in one van. Your local Lok’nStore store can help you find a van rental firm.

  • Packing up: Take big items apart and keep the screws and other fittings in labelled bags.
  • Use good quality storage boxes that won't collapse.
  • Divide heavy items between boxes.
  • Wrap breakable things like china and glass piece by piece.

Put the heaviest things at the bottom and pad out corners and empty spaces so nothing moves around.KISS (Keep It Simple Storage)

We think the process of using our secure self storage whether for business or household purposes should be kept as simple as possible, hence KISS (Keep It Simple Storage). From your initial enquiry about our services to the day you leave us, we think you – the customer - deserve a hassle-free experience and that’s what we aim to provide.

How can we help you?

We promise that we will give you free friendly expert advice to make sure that you get the right-sized storage unit for your goods, stock or belongings. We will also advise you on transport options (if needed) to help you get moved in. If you need cardboard boxes, bubblewrap or packaging materials we can also help you choose the best sizes for your needs.