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Planning ahead

  • Start by choosing a suitable site and size for your storage unit. Need some more advice? Call our friendly storage experts at your local centre.
  • Book your storage unit for a deposit of just £25. This ensures the unit you need is available on the day you move in. Don’t worry, your £25 is fully refundable if your needs change.
  • Plan how you’ll move your stuff. Do you need to hire a van? Are you going to use a removal company? For long distance trips, choose a big enough vehicle to move everything in one trip. For short journeys, plan several trips in one van. Your local Lok’nStore store can help you find a van rental firm.
  • Make sure you have enough packing materials. (You can find them in our box shop).

Packing up

  • Take big items apart and keep the screws and other fittings in labelled bags.
  • Box everything to avoid losing things.
  • Use good quality storage boxes that won't collapse.
  • Divide heavy items between boxes.
  • Wrap breakable things like china and glass piece by piece. Put the heaviest things at the bottom and pad out corners and empty spaces so nothing moves around.
  • Label your boxes clearly - preferably on the top and on the side. If you want to be really organised, make a list of numbered boxes.
  • Clean out fridges, freezers, ovens and food cupboards, and tape doors closed for the journey. Make sure fridges and freezers are thoroughly defrosted.

    In the van

    • Load your biggest items first and pad spaces between items.
    • Tie things down so they don’t topple over or slide about.
    • Put things you'll need on the journey (like your wallet, keys and ID) in one bag in the cab of the van.

    At the unit

    • Line the walls of your unit with the big items of furniture.
    • Remember to use all available space – open the doors on wardrobes and stack boxes inside, fill all the drawers in chests of drawers.
    • Take care not to stack heavy items on top of light items.
    • A fabric sofa can be stored safely on its side. Use a Lok’nStore sofa cover to protect it from dust.
    • A leather sofa should be stored upright – storing it on its side will make it sag.
    • Stack boxes with the labels showing so you can find stuff easily later.
    • Store appliances like fridges or washing machines with the doors wedged open.
    • In a large unit, leave a centre aisle so you can move goods easily within the unit.
    • Place a dust sheet over the top of your stored goods.
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