Whatever you need to store (and for however long) you'll find the right size personal storage space at the right price at your local Lok'nStore.

With Lok'nStore you'll get a clean, safe and secure storage room to which you will have the only key. Free unlimited access that means you can come and go as often as you please during store opening hours. If your plans change, it doesn't matter - there's no long-term commitment so you can change the size of your unit any time. And our friendly team are always on hand to help you. At Lok'nStore we pride ourselves on our quality customer service and offer you the lowest self storage prices locally, that's guaranteed!

If you’ve never been inside a storage centre before, why not come in and see what we’re talking about and we can answer any questions you may have and show you a range of storage rooms in different sizes…

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Is Personal Storage Different To Business Storage?

An interesting story from many years ago at one of our self storage centres... One of our directors was walking around with a business storage customer who had been happily using our self storage facilities for a few years. The customer suddenly asked "Do you know anywhere like this where I can have personal storage?". We thought that was quite intriguing because of course our customers at Lok'nStore can use their self storage units for personal storage or for business storage. The personal self storage customer rents a unit, puts his or her lock on the door and provided they don't store anything on the banned list they can come and go and they can store what they like. That's the joy of self storage - personal or business! The customer in the story realised and used us for his personal storage.

Understanding Everybody's Self Storage Needs...

We are always aware though that personal self storage customers may have different needs to our commercial (or institutional) storage customers. But when it boils down to it, we are friendly and helpful to every one who wants storage and we always make sure that our personal, household storage customers get a professional service. We are flexible and mindful of all our customers needs and once we understand what each customer wants, there is little difference between a private and a commercial customer. One difference for personal storage customers may be that they don't need to be so conveniently near the front loading bays as they don't always need regular or repeated access to their things. So they might get a better deal on a less accessible unit. Ask if you're interested