Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

 Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

Self Storage Units | 50% Off First 8 Weeks

Directions and opening hours

Directions and opening hours

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234 Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 8TU

Directions by road

Easily accessed from the A4232 Penarth Rd, just south of Cardiff city centre.

Opening hours
  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm (Open till 8pm Thursday)
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


About Lok’nStore Cardiff

Lok'nStore Self Storage in Cardiff offers secure units for homeowners, renters, students, and business users. We have a range of sizes to suit every need, from small lockers to larger spaces suitable for pallet storage. Only you have the key to your self-storage unit. We also serve Barry and Newport customers. Open today.

Features of Lok'nStore Cardiff

  • Open seven days a week
  • Fully staffed by the store team during open hours
  • 24-hour CCTV and smoke detection systems
  • Free forklift service
  • Free delivery acceptance
  • Free car parking for customers
  • No security deposit is needed if paying by direct debit
  • Hertz van hire available
  • Cardboard moving boxes and bubble wrap for sale

Some of the reasons why people use self storage

  • Renters or homeowners between moves
  • Decluttering a property before a house sale
  • Making more space in the home
  • Clearing out a room or area before building or redecoration works
  • Emptying a cluttered garage or loft
  • Business users in need of space for stock or pallet storage
  • Students in need of storage over the holidays

We also have self storage centres in Bristol, Gloucester, and Swindon.

Self storage units in cardiff

Opened for business in February 2019, our Cardiff, Penarth Road store is the first Lok’nStore foray into Wales, but possibly not the last. With excellent connections to and from the central hub of Lok'nStore storage facilities via the M4, the jump across the River Severn wasn’t such a massive one in terms of infrastructure and management and is only down the road from our Bristol and Swindon centres. As a company, most of Lok’nStore’s self storage centres had been in the southeast for many years, apart from a brief campaign into the eastern midlands. As part of this new expansion project, Lok'nStore started to look further away from its previous locations, which had largely been in the Home Counties, Kent, and the Solent area of the south coast.

FAQs for people searching for self-storage in the Cardiff area:

  • Q: How much does self storage cost at Lok'nStore Cardiff?
  • A: The cost of a self-storage unit at any of our sites is based primarily on the size of the storage unit needed and the length of the stay. This is why when enquiring, we ask customers about the goods and belongings that they want to place into storage. A list enables our storage experts at Cardiff to work out as closely as possible which size of self storage unit you need. You can also use our self storage space estimator to give you an idea of what you can place into any given storage unit size.
  • Q: How much self storage space do I need?
  • A: This depends on what you have to store. We have over 30 different-sized storage units for everything from a couple of suitcases to a five-bedroom house. Our storage experts can help you find the correct size for your needs.
  • Q: What can I store at Lok’nStore Cardiff?
  • A: Practically anything you want! Our customers store various items from furniture, collections, hats, clothes and rubber ducks!
  • Q: Do I have to live in Cardiff to use your self storage?
  • A: No, you don't need to live in Cardiff to use Lok'nStore. Although most of our customers are from around the local Penarth area, we also have people storing stuff with us who are currently living on the other side of the world.
  • Q: Is it true that Lok’nStore waited until the Severn Bridge toll was abolished in December 2018 before opening a store in Wales so that head office staff would avoid paying the fee when visiting Lok'nStore Cardiff because they are tight?
  • A: No, that's not true. Our staff are tight, but they would have just driven the long way around before 2018.
  • Q: Are the self storage units private at Lok'nStore Cardiff?
  • A: Yes. Nobody can see inside your storage unit except you. You have the key to your unit, which is effectively a secure steel room. Private and secure, you can do whatever you want inside your unit as long as it is legal and decent. You can lock it up and leave your belongings inside, safe in the knowledge that they will all be there when you return to it. You can supply your own padlock, or we can sell you one onsite.
  • Q: Why open a storage centre in Wales?
  • A: When looking at potential sites for new self-storage facilities, Lok'nStore had always been keen on expanding into Wales. Our property director had been scouring Wales and looking for a new ‘first Welsh site’ for many years when a location became available in Penarth, Cardiff. Known for our eye-catching bright orange buildings, Lok’nStore set about renovating and repairing the rundown DIY outlet on Penarth Road, turning it into a modern, secure self storage facility in one of the youngest cities in Europe. The work needed to convert a building from DIY retail to self-storage is far more involved than spraying it with a coat of orange paint. Hundreds of secure units will need to be built, each with its own lockable steel doors. The facility will need lifts, lighting, smoke alarms, CCTV systems, toilets, kitchens and all manner of health and safety fire-related items ticking off before it can open for business.
  • Q: Who uses self storage at Lok’nStore Cardiff?
  • A: All sorts of people have taken advantage of us since we opened at the start of 2019. Our users have a varied number of reasons for needing self storage, including decluttering to create more space in a property, clearing a loft or garage, storing furniture or belongings that they don't need now but feel they don’t want to get rid of yet, business pallet storage, warehousing space for equipment and stock or archiving of paperwork and documents. We have householders, renters, students who have gone travelling, members of the armed forces, business owners, tradespeople, landlords, people who have emigrated and even two unnamed well-known celebrities.
  • Q: What is self storage?
  • A: Self storage in the UK is typically renting a secure metal room (unit) in a storage facility. Most storage companies will have a range of these rooms in various-sized spaces. A room or unit is locked from the outside, and the renter (or tenant) takes the key away with them. The storage unit with probably be 8ft high, and will have a floor size of 5x5ft, 7x5ft, 10x10ft, all the way to 80x100ft. Our storage centre in Cardiff is this type.
  • Q: How long can I store at Lok’nStore Cardiff?
  • A: As long as you want to or need to. You can store overnight with us or, as with some of our customers, for many years—it’s totally up to you.
  • Q: I live in Barry. Can I still use your Cardiff store?
  • A: Yes, you certainly can. We love the folk from Barry! To find us without sat-nav or Google Maps, follow the A4055 out of Barry and go towards Cardiff. Take the left slip road at the A4160 and head towards the city. Keep driving until you see Lok'nStore Cardiff, looking incredibly resplendent in bright orange, lighting up Penarth Road.
  • Q: What are the Lok’nStore Cardiff open hours?
  • A: Monday through Friday, 8.30-6 pm (Thursday until 8 pm), Saturday, 9-4 pm, and Sunday, 10-4 pm.